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If you are in search of a long-term bad breath solution, Prevent Dental Suite is great place to begin your search!

Although bad breath can be concealed with mint gums and breath freshener spray, their effect is temporary. By visiting your dentist, you will be able to identify what causes your mouth odour and what treatment suits your problem.

Bad breath is indeed an embarrassing dental problem. Don’t wait for it to affect your personal and professional life.

Top Causes of Bad Breath

Dry mouth – healthy saliva flow promotes healthy mouth. However, if saliva flow is restricted it can result in halitosis. Insufficient saliva flow hinders the ability of your mouth to control bacteria and gum disease. This problem can also cause further issues such as gum disease and tooth decay.

Odorous foods – if you often consume spicy and odorous foods, your mouth becomes odorous, as well. Garlic and onions are some spices that can cause bad breath. As with onions, once your stomach absorbs these foods and spices, the odour can be excreted through your breath.

Caffeine – drinking coffee makes your breath unpleasant, too. Aside from this, caffeine can increase your chances of developing dry mouth.

Unhealthy lifestyle – smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages contributes to mouth odour due to the chemicals in cigarettes and the smell of certain liquors. Smokers and alcoholics are known to have smelly mouths.

Poor dental hygiene – the reason you need to brush and floss daily is to eliminate food deposit trapped between teeth, as well as the plaque that accumulates on your teeth and gums. If these particles are not removed, the bacteria will continue to spread and cause bad breath.

Oral disease – if your bad breath is not caused by poor dental care or certain foods, it might be due to untreated dental diseases such as tooth decay or gum disease. Bad breath is often an indication of gum disease.

Other illnesses – bad breath can also be a sign or result of a medical condition such as sinusitis, digestive problems, diabetes, or kidney problems. It can also be an indication of a serious health condition. If you have a persistent bad breath that simply won’t go away, visit your dentist immediately.

Bad Breath Treatment in Kallangur

Treatment for bad breath depends on its main cause. If bad breath results from poor dental hygiene or oral disease, your dentist can perform treatment and recommendations to manage the problem. However, if it is caused by a serious health problem, your dentist may refer you to a specialist.

At Prevent Dental Suite, we can effectively eradicate bad breath through preventative measures and oral hygiene education. We will also encourage you to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, as these two play a role in keeping healthy teeth and gums. If your mouth is overall healthy, so is your breath.

Choose a long-term solution for your bad breath problem. No need to be embarrassed. We are your compassionate dental care partners in Kallangur. Visit Prevent Dental Suite today.

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