The Valentine’s Day Gift of a Smile

the-valentines-day-gift-of-a-smile This Valentine’s Day, give yourself or a loved one a gift that both of you can enjoy – a beautiful smile.

Keeping a clean, healthy smile is critical for individuals of all ages, and never so important as for those who want to make a great first impression on Valentine’s Day.

With the right dental hygiene and treatment, you should be able to transform an ordinary smile into an amazing one.

how to find the best dentist in kallangur and northside brisbane

How to Find The Best Dentist in Kallangur and Northside Brisbane

how to find the best dentist in kallangur and northside brisbane Picking a dentist shouldn’t be difficult, but often times it can be.

Fortunately, it’s easier today than it has ever been to find a good dentist.

What can be difficult is knowing what you should be looking for and what questions you should be asking when you start your search.

Knowing what to look for in your search for the best dentist in the Kallagur area will help you find that best dentist!

toothache its causes and how to treat it

Toothache: Its Causes and How to Treat it

toothache its causes and how to treat it When the pain of a toothache hits, it can hit like a hammer, a drill, or in a dull throb. The pain can be dull, nagging and irritating, or intense, acute, and crippling.

In some cases, a tooth might only feel pain when pressure is applied to it, or when temperatures change. And even people who practice good oral hygiene can develop toothaches!

The sad news is that in Australia, in 2013, 16% of adults with natural teeth had experienced a toothache in the previous year!

straight teeth without braces

Straighten Teeth Without Braces

straight teeth without braces Everyone wants a beautiful, aligned smile. But the benefits of properly aligned teeth go far beyond just your smile. Straightening your teeth can also significantly improve your overall dental health. Aligned teeth lead to healthier teeth and gums, easier cleaning, and improved overall health.

With Invisalign, having a winning smile and decreasing your risk for gum disease or tooth decay go together like brushing and flossing!

If you have misaligned teeth, many dentists will recommend that you consider Invisalign to get the healthy, attractive and straight teeth you’ve always wanted – and without the discomfort, inconvenience, and clunky look of braces!

Fathers Day and the gift of Dental Health | Dentist Kallangur

Father’s Day and the gift of Dental Health

Fathers Day and the gift of Dental Health | Dentist KallangurPrevent Dental Suite would like to take this opportunity to wish all Dads a very happy Father’s Day on Sunday, September 1st.

Dads deserve bright smiles, but getting them the “just right” gift can be difficult.

Shopping for Dads can be tough – particularly if your dad is already loaded up with “dad stuff” like barbecue tools, electronic doodads, ties, and other usual Father’s Day gifts.