How Dental Bridges Replace Missing Teeth and Restore your Smile

How Dental Bridges Replace Missing Teeth and Restore your Smile - Kallangur dentist

There are various reasons for replacing a missing tooth or teeth. Your teeth are designed to perform multiple tasks such as chewing, speaking and even smiling. They all work together to make these tasks possible and effortless. However, if you lose some of your teeth, it is difficult to do these things. Even missing a back tooth may cause your mouth to shift, making your face look older.

Fortunately, replacing missing teeth can be such a breeze nowadays. There are many options your dentist may suggest, which will depend on your needs. One of the choices is dental bridges. They are sometimes called a fixed partial denture, but unlike partial dentures, dental bridgework is more stable and is also less invasive than dental implants.

Oral Rehabilitation in Kallangur – Your Ultimate Smile Transformation

Cosmetic dental procedures are one of the reasons people smile confidently without holding back. As a result, they look more attractive and it helps them feel good about themselves. One of the procedures that deals with enhancing your smile and oral health is oral rehabilitation.

When the cosmetic dental treatment expanded, it incorporated oral rehabilitation as another way to improve dental appearances. Oral rehabilitation involves dental procedures that address and correct poorly aligned jaws as well as missing or severely damaged teeth. If you have serious problems with your smile and bite, oral rehabilitation may be the best option for you.