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A dental abscess is an infection that can develop underneath the tooth with a large cavity, a crack or beneath the gum line. The bacteria can easily enter the inner parts of your teeth once there’s an opening. Dental abscess requires urgent dental care because the infection can spread from the root of the tooth and to the entire body if not treated promptly.

Symptoms of an Abscessed Tooth or Gums

First Aid and Treatment for Dental Abscesses

If you feel something like a pimple on your gums or around your tooth, rinse your mouth with a mild saltwater solution. If you are experiencing some or all of the symptoms mentioned above, go to your dentist immediately. Explain to them the indications and symptoms you’re experiencing and follow their recommendation.

Your dentist will quickly evaluate your condition and decide on the treatment you need. Treatments for dental abscesses include draining the abscess, antibiotic therapy, root canal therapy, and tooth extraction. Root canal therapy, extraction, and periodontal surgery are major procedures that may be recommended for severe infection.

Emergency Dentist in Kallangur For Advanced Treatment for Dental Abscesses

Your Prevent Dental Suite dentist may recommend various treatments depending on what causes your sensitive teeth.

The treatment can range from recommendations for lifestyle changes to general and cosmetic dental procedures. We may advise you to reduce using tooth whitening products as they can make your teeth more prone to sensitivity. Desensitizing toothpaste may also be recommended to help block pain related to dental sensitivity.

Other possible treatments include dental bonding to protect the sensitive teeth from temperatures, surgical gum graft to protect exposed roots and reduce sensitivity, or root canal therapy to treat the inflamed dental pulp that might have been causing sensitive sensations on your teeth. Root canal treatment is considered the most effective way of treating sensitive teeth.

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Dental Abscess Treatment in Kallangur

If you’re suffering from acute pain and require immediate treatment, call our Kallangur clinic for an emergency appointment. Don’t put off seeing the dentist if you are facing even a mild toothache. If untreated, the condition can escalate and may cause further nerve damage, abscesses, and spreading of the infection into the body.

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