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Same Day Emergency Appointment Available!

Call us for immediate attention during business hours on (07) 3886 2428 or complete our online appointment request form.

Dr Shilpa and Dr Krish Dentist Deception Bay

We provide immediate pain relief for all ages and conditions. Our experienced emergency dentist kallangur will treat the problem efficiently and help you feel at ease again.

If you’re in pain, call us on (07) 3886 2428 for an emergency appointment today.

Emergency Dentist in Kallangur

We are committed to providing same day service, quickly diagnosing and providing the best treatment to get to the source of the problem and alleviate pain.

We regularly deal with a range of emergencies including chipped or fractured teeth, wisdom teeth pain, denture repairs, and toothache treatment to patients in Kallangur and surrounds.

Common Causes of Toothache

There are many reasons you may be experience pain, from minor cavities to infections and abscesses.

  • Cracked teeth or trauma
  • Decay or bacteria – can infect nerves and cause aching
  • Wisdom teeth – when wisdom teeth erupt through the gum and push adjacent teeth
  • Periodontal abscess – caused by gum disease
  • Worn enamel – causes increased sensitivity
  • Tooth grinding
  • Sinus pain

Toothache Treatments Offered at our Kallangur Clinic

Dr-Gupta-and-Joanne-doing-Fissure-Seals-Dentist-Deception-Bay After diagnosing the source of your pain we will numb your tooth and gums with a topical anaesthetic and provide the appropriate solution including:

Dental Emergency in Kallangur

If you’re suffering from acute pain and require immediate treatment, call our Kallangur dental practice for an emergency appointment. Don’t put off seeing the dentist if you are suffering even a mild toothache. If untreated, the condition will escalate and may cause further nerve damage, abscesses, and the spreading of the infection into the body.

Same Day Dental Emergency in Kallangur

Call us on (07) 3886 2428 or visit us at 9/1376 Anzac Ave in Kallangur.

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