Dental Health Tracking Tips from Your Kallangur Dentist August is upon us again, and with it comes Australian Dental Health Week (5th-11th).

This is the week the Australian Dental Association has designated for taking a closer look at our dental health.

In years past, the themes have included, oral health and sugar, oral health and diet, oral health and sports, women’s oral health, and “watching” our mouths.

This year the theme is “How’s Your Oral Health Tracking”, a theme that contains two sub-themes.

The first sub-theme is the question, are you currently doing all you know you should to support your oral health and thus your general health?

Second, there is the question of how are you keeping your eye on what you are doing; in other words, how do you keep track of what you do for oral health so you can compare it to what you should be doing?

At Prevent Dental Suite, we think both questions are essential. We also believe that these questions are particularly important for two particular demographics – the young and the elderly.

While these two groups may seem to have more time to take care of their oral health than some working adults or parents, in fact, these groups face challenges specific to their ages.

We need to be aware of these particular challenges and take them into account when thinking about their oral health.

Dental Health Week and Children

Dental Health Week is a great way to introduce your children to the importance of dental health.

Check on the web to see if any Dental Health Week events are taking place in your neighbourhood.

Or take advantage of the ADA’s Dental Health Week website and download any of the colourful, printable posters that have particular relevance to children.

Topics include dental health for children and two posters focusing on the dangers of sugary and acidic drinks like soda pop.

An important issue considering three-quarters of young people between 14 and 18 consume too much sugar, frequently in the form of a drink.

The information also contains helpful hints for parents:

  1. Introduce a child to oral hygiene early. Brush gums even before a tooth appears.
  2. Spit out toothpaste and don’t rinse the mouth with water.
  3. Limit toothpaste. A ‘pea-sized’ amount is enough.
  4. Begin a child’s dental visits early. Before age one, or as soon as the first tooth erupts.
  5. Be positive at the dentist. Make sure your child associates the dentist with praise.
  6. One hint your child is ready to brush solo is they have been given their ‘pen licence’ at school.

But the most important thing is to make sure that your children develop good dental habits at a very young age.

If you plan and track your children’s oral hygiene, you will set them on the path to better health in the future.

Keep track of their progress on a calendar, or with stars, and when they reach certain milestones, reward them with mouth-healthy gifts.

Children model off their parents, and if you keep track of your dental health and that of your children, they will likely pick this habit up as they grow older.

Dental Health Week and Seniors

Aging weakens the ability of the body to fight off bacteria, infection, decay, viruses, and other diseases.

Age makes it easier to lose control of your oral hygiene and dental health, and this can lead to unfortunate consequences:

  • Darkened teeth – can be natural; can be caused by serious disease.
  • Dry mouth – can be natural, can be caused by medications and other treatment, and it threatens teeth and gums.
  • Diminished sense of taste.
  • Root decay – caused by gum recession, exposing roots to acid.
  • Gum disease.
  • Tooth loss – normally caused by gum disease.
  • Uneven jawbone/teeth – caused by losing a tooth and not replacing it.
  • Thrush and denture-induced stomatitis. An overgrowth of Candida albicans (a fungus) caused by a weakened immune system or dentures.
  • Oral cancer rates increase with age. Skipping dental check-ups runs the risk of oral cancer going undetected early when it is more likely to be successfully treated.

The underlying problem here is diminished regular hygiene caused by:

  • Decreased coordination and manual dexterity
  • Reduced income leading to fewer dental visits
  • Reduced transportation options leading to fewer dental visits
  • Decreased memory makes good oral habits harder to maintain.

The result is, just as sometimes the case with children, others may need to take responsibility for planning and tracking senior oral care.

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