The Importance of Correcting your Overbite from Prevent Dental Suite

the importance of correcting your overbite from prevent dental suite Overbites happen when the upper teeth protrude over the lower teeth.

Oftentimes, an overbite can appear to be a problem with crooked teeth when, in fact, the person’s teeth and jaws are not lining up correctly.

Overbites are easier to correct in children and teenagers since their jaws are still developing.

A lot of people don’t realise that they have an overbite, as they believe their condition is not serious enough to seek dental attention.


How to Find The Best Dentist in Kallangur and Northside Brisbane

how to find the best dentist in kallangur and northside brisbane Picking a dentist shouldn’t be difficult, but often times it can be.

Fortunately, it’s easier today than it has ever been to find a good dentist.

What can be difficult is knowing what you should be looking for and what questions you should be asking when you start your search.

Knowing what to look for in your search for the best dentist in the Kallagur area will help you find that best dentist!


Top 5 Reasons to Quit Smoking Now from Prevent Dental Suite

top 5 reasons to quit smoking now from your kallangur dentist With the theme “Protecting youth from industry manipulation and preventing them from tobacco and nicotine use”, World No Tobacco Day 2020 is here.

The team at Prevent Dental Suite can certainly get behind an event that promotes health! Which is why we’re covering a couple of reasons why quitting smoking, even if you’ve tried before, may be a worthwhile goal.