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When it comes to dental emergencies, one of the most serious cases is a knocked-out permanent tooth. If your tooth has been knocked out, the first thing you need to do is to stay calm and act promptly. With quick and proper emergency action, an avulsed tooth can be successfully replanted and last for years.

Basic knowledge and quick actions when performing dental first aid for a knocked-out tooth will increase the chances of saving the tooth. A knocked-out tooth is a serious dental emergency, so make sure to perform first aid and visit the nearest dentist or emergency room within 30 minutes of the injury.

How to Save a Knocked-out Tooth

What your Emergency Dentist in Kallangur Will Do

To put the tooth back in place can be either a simple or complicated task. It won’t be an easy repair when the tooth or bone is broken. Your emergency dentist Kallangur will start the treatment by flushing the debris from the socket with water. Afterwards, they will slip the tooth back into place. Re-implanting the tooth is crucial and this must be done as soon as possible.

Your dentist will take the best course depending on how long the tooth was out of your mouth and other considerations. In any case, your dentist will splint the knocked-out, tooth on either side using a soft wire or composite material. This holds the tooth securely for several days. Your dentist will be the one to decide how many days or weeks the splint should remain.

If the area has more damage, you may need 6 to 8 weeks of repair time. If there are no signs of infections, your next appointment will take place at your yearly dental visit. To make sure the tooth re-implanted successfully. Your dentist will follow up for the next 2 to 3 years

Knocked-Out Tooth in Kallangur

If you’re suffering from acute pain and require immediate treatment, call our Kallangur clinic for an emergency appointment. Don’t put off seeing the dentist if you are facing even a mild toothache. If untreated, the condition can escalate and may cause further nerve damage, abscesses, and spreading of the infection into the body.

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