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Your dental health affects your overall health – that’s why we want to make it easier to get preventive care.

Make the most of your private dental cover while receiving the benefits of 6-monthly dental check-ups and teeth cleaning.

What is No Gap Dental Treatment and How Does it Work?

If you are searching for a dentist in and around the Kallangur area, you may have encountered the phrase ‘no gaps dental treatment’ or ‘no gaps dentistry’, but what does it mean?

If you aren’t familiar with this terminology – you might scratch your head and say, “isn’t that what all dental treatment strives to do?” – Deliver a healthy, happy ‘gapless’ smile.

Of course, that’s true! However, in this case, it’s not exactly what we mean.

So, what is no gaps dental treatment, and how can it benefit you?

Benefits of No Gap Dental Treatment

At Prevent Dental Suite, our number one goal is to make sure each and every one of our patients receive the highest quality of care at affordable prices.

Your No Gap Dentist in Kallangur aims to deliver high-quality services at affordable fees to reach as many patients as possible who need dental health.

No Private Dental Insurance?

With or without a private dental cover, we provide everyone with high quality and affordable dental care.

If you are without cover, we will only charge you the insurance rebate amount for all preventive care.

No GAP Check-ups and Preventive Dental Care in Kallangur

No GAP for Comprehensive Exam, 2 X-rays, Treatment Plan, Clean and Fluoride Treatment (All Health Funds Accepted)

$177 with no health insurance

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