Prevent Dental Suite Celebrates World No Tobacco Day 2019 Each year, around the world, an estimated 6 million deaths are caused by tobacco.

And while they are the most obvious suspects, those deaths are not just related to cigarette smoking.

The death toll includes mortality due to cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, and related tobacco products.

To help smoking and non-smoking members of our community identify and deal with this issue directly – the World Health Organization has designated May 31st as the annual “World No Tobacco Day.”

To do our part, Prevent Dental Suite is going over how tobacco can adversely impact your oral health.

From issues that are merely aesthetic to issues as deadly as cancers, using any tobacco product represents an immediate threat to your oral and overall health.

By introducing you to these threats, Prevent Dental Suite hopes to nudge you towards quitting, a process we will be happy to be your partner in.

Effects of Tobacco on Oral Health

Here are three things everyone should know about tobacco:

(Source: WHO)

  • Tobacco kills up to half of its users.
  • Tobacco kills approximately 6 million people per use. Of these deaths, 5 million are the result of direct tobacco use, while over 600,000 are the result of nonsmokers being exposed to secondhand smoke.
  • There are more than 4000 chemicals in tobacco smoke. Of this number, at least 250 are known to be harmful, and over 50 are known to be carcinogenic.

Bad Breath. Tobacco users suffer from bad breath and more significant oral health issues.

Cigarettes don’t just leave an ashtray smell in your mouth, but they damage your gum tissues and lead to quicker tartar formation, causing odour.

Gum Disease. Smoking makes it harder for your body to fight infections, including gum disease.

Once your gums are damaged, the millions of puffs you’ve taken make it harder for your gums to heal.

Tobacco use in any form, be it cigarettes, pipes, chew, or electric cigarettes increases the likelihood of gum disease.

Tooth Loss. Tobacco use limits blood flow to the gum tissues, reducing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the bone and periodontal support of the teeth.

Smoking also causes plaque build-up on teeth, which can lead to tooth loss.

Oral Cancer. Smokers are over five times more at risk of oral cancer than nonsmokers.

The carcinogenic chemicals used in tobacco cause genetic changes in cells of the mouth, which lead to oral cancer.

Leukoplakia. In leukoplakia, white patches take hold of the gums or inner cheeks.

These patches are potentially dangerous lesions, and they are often considered “premalignant.”

The areas with leukoplakia areas are more likely to develop cancer in the future because they have been damaged.

What Can A User Do?

Stop using tobacco products. Now. If you need suggestions as to treatments, they are available online, or you can talk to us at Prevent Dental Suite.

We’ll be happy to make some suggestions.

Get regular check-ups from Prevent Dental Suite! Regular check-ups go beyond teeth-cleaning and catching cavities while still small.

We can spot signs of many problems, including cancer. If you are on a biannual check-up schedule, you likely see us at Prevent Dental Suite more often than other doctors.

This gives us the opportunity for early diagnosis. Early diagnosis increases the likelihood of successful treatment, and this is critical in case of a life-threatening disease like cancer.

World No Tobacco Day exists to increase awareness of the health complications that tobacco brings and Prevent Dental Suite is here to help you with the dire oral complications tobacco can bring.

Quitting can be challenging because tobacco is known to be addicting, but with help from Prevent Dental Suite you can take back control of your oral health!

The Importance of Prevent Dental Suite to Tobacco Users

If you use or have used tobacco, or if you have any other behaviours that threaten oral health, visits to Prevent Dental Suite are even more critical!

During routine check-ups, your dentist examines your teeth, lips, gums, throat, and other soft tissues for any signs of trouble.

If you use tobacco products or other carcinogens, you can be given a cancer screening which scans the face, head, neck, mouth, and throat for signs of the disease.

We also ask questions that help determine whether or not you are experiencing nonvisual warning signs of oral cancer. The entire process is quick, noninvasive, painless, and can save your life.

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