As the end of the year comes in sight, many of us enjoy, family, seasonal holidays, and the prospect of the New Year.

But it’s also time to think about dental and medical benefits that may expire on December 31st, because once they expire, you never get them back – they become lost money.

In the same way we strive to maximise tax deductions for the year, we also should take advantage of dental benefits.

Once they’re gone, you can’t claim them again, and the services you get from them are of great benefit to your health and appearance.

At Prevent Dental Suite, we’re here to help you understand and use your dental benefits before you lose them.

Prevent Dental Suite’s Reasons to Use Your Benefits

1. Savings

Dental procedures can be expensive, even when insurance covers the bulk of them.

And no one wants to spend more than they can afford, or go into debt, to maintain oral health. By using available insurance funds before 2019 ends, you can save hundreds of dollars.

Most insurance benefits are assessed based on the calendar year and not the fiscal year. This means that once December comes to a close, any additional benefits attached to your dental insurance plan in 2019 are lost.

Because insurance companies make money from unspent benefits, most do not contact you to use your insurance by the end of the year or tell you how much money you have available.

This means it is important to check with your insurance company and discover what benefits you have remaining, then use them.

2. Extended treatments

If you need extended dental procedures requiring multiple visits, the end of the year is the perfect time to get started.

If you need extended treatment, Prevent Dental Suite can help build a plan to maximise your benefits by splitting your treatment across two years, allowing you to utilise benefits that remain available in 2019 and then moving to benefits from 2020 after the New Year.

Don’t let your 2019 dental benefits go to waste by not using them before the New Year!

Schedule an appointment with your Prevent Dental Suite dentist to get started towards healthier, more attractive teeth!

3. Dental problems worsen if untreated

Many of us choose to procrastinate, especially when faced with the idea of dental work, which we don’t enjoy.

Unfortunately, almost all dental issues worsen if they are not treated in a timely fashion. In this case, procrastination leads to increased discomfort and higher costs.

If you seek treatment immediately, before the year ends, you are likely to pay less for your treatment and have to pay for less complicated treatment.

If you wait, you may end up paying more and may go beyond the financial limits of your insurance provider.

4. It’s the holiday gift you can give yourself!

The end of the year is for family, celebration, and social gatherings.

Take advantage of your unused benefits to provide yourself with a healthy smile for the end of this year and all of 2020!

The Steps You Should Take

Call your dental insurance provider and determine the exact amount of your unused benefits.

Call Prevent Dental Suite and make an appointment. The sooner you call us, the more likely we can schedule you or any eligible family member before the end of the year.

While you’re chatting, find out what procedures will qualify. Typically, cosmetic treatments like veneers or whitening aren’t covered.

But preventive procedures such as cleanings, X-rays and routine exams usually are. So are fillings, crowns, bridgework and other dental procedures up to the amount allowed by your plan.

Prevent Dental Suite can provide you with an estimate of what recommended dental work will cost, and what your insurance will likely cover.

There is at least one more reason you should call us immediately: You may not be the only person who suddenly realised that you still have unspent dental insurance benefits to use at Prevent Dental Suite. The sooner you call, the sooner we can get you scheduled!

High-quality Dental Care at Prevent Dental Suite

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Dr Shilpa Gupta is the resident dentist Kallangur combines many years’ experience with personable service. To learn more about our fantastic team, go to our team page.

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Dental Insurance: Use It or Lose It!

If you are overdue for a dental clean and check-up, the time to act is now if you are a health fund member.

Schedule through the end of December so that they can achieve maximum rebates and healthy smiles this 2019.

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