Top 7 Ways to Tell You Have The Best Dentist in Kallangur We all want the best possible care we can get, for our health, for our car, and our teeth.

But the question may arise, “How do I know if I have the best possible dentist.” A dentist isn’t like a flavour of pizza, however; you can’t just try a different one each day until you discover the one you like the most.

Instead, you have to judge your dentist based on a careful analysis of the entire relationship you have with them.

If you’d like some clues to look for, Prevent Dental Suite is happy to share some of the ones we look for when determining if a dentist is right for you.

Cleanliness is key. When you are reclined in a dental chair, fingers and dental tools are continually going in and out of your mouth.

Your mouth is a gateway to the body, and it can be an entry point for germs, bacteria, and viruses. Consequently, anything that even gets near your mouth should be clean and sterilised up to industry standards.

All members of your dental team should wear gloves, change them between treatments, and not touch anything besides dental tools and your mouth while wearing them.

Equipment should be stored and used correctly, not drawn from bags or drawers; instead, they should be sterilised and laid out on a sterile surface for quick and clean work.

Although it is difficult to tell about sterilisation, you may be able to get a clue from other parts of the dental office. If the restroom or waiting-room is unclean or dingy, it could be a sign that the office is not interested in maintaining high levels of cleanliness.

A ‘family’ atmosphere and unhurried pace. Your visits should not be impersonal or rushed. You should be a client as well as a patient. To give you the highest level of care a dentist needs to know about you, your dental history, medical history, and your likes and dislikes.

You should feel at home in the office, happy to interact with a friendly and caring staff. This kind of relationship is built over time, but if you still feel like a cog in a machine, you may want to look for a more friendly practice.

Clear explanations. Dental jargon can be difficult to understand and procedures can be complicated. This is why it is vital that your dentist communicates all aspects of a procedure to you before you agree to it.

After examination and diagnosis, your dentist should be able to clearly explain the diagnosis, available treatments, pros and cons, and the estimated cost of what they have found.

You should never be pressured into a treatment; instead, you should understand all of the elements involved and be confident in your treatment choices.

Your dentist should also be a teacher. A good dentist and staff will update you on what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong in your oral hygiene practices. If they identify potential problem areas, they should teach you how to prevent them from getting worse.

Your dentist should be the first line of defence for overall health. The best dentists consider it part of their job to be alert for issues that go beyond cavities and gum disease.

And a surprising number of health issues can be identified in the mouth, among them circulatory problems, TMJ, malnutrition, inflammatory disease, sleep apnea, and several precursors to cancer.

Your dentist should care about your time and money. Time wasted in a waiting room is no fun and keeps you from more important things. Money wasted on treatments you may not need is even worse.

Lack of concern for your money or time should be an immediate red flag. A good dentist cares as much about your time as theirs, and they consider your budget when planning out treatment.

No “upsell”. Your dentist should not become a salesperson. The right dentist for you does not suggest treatments you don’t need, nor do they try to add treatments/procedures during ongoing treatment.

There are, of course, other clues as to whether or not a dentist is right for you, but these seven should give you a good start. And, if you have any questions about finding the right dentist? It’s as easy as calling Prevent Dental Suite!

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