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Say goodbye to dental fear and dreaded syringe, and say hello to the pain-free dental procedure. The Wand is finally here. The Wand is a state-of-the-art platform for local anaesthesia. It is a painless injection system developed to replace traditional needle in dentistry, offering benefits to dental professionals and the patients

The Wand

Compared to the old-fashioned syringe, The Wand has several advantages. Dentists can control the dosage to target specific areas that require operation as The Wand delivers anaesthesia at a slow and low-pressure rate. This process is called Single Tooth Anaesthesia or STA, eliminating any collateral numbness in the tongue, cheeks or lips of the patient.

The Wand is a computer-controlled dental injection and resembles a modern piece of equipment, unlike the traditional syringe. Dentists look more comfortable using The Wand handpiece, which is held like a pen. Thus, the equipment is easy to use.

With The Wand, you might not even know you have had an injection. Most of all, there will be no numbness, which results in a more pleasant experience. After the procedure, you return to your routine with comfort and smile on your face


Dental injections have been used for several decades and are necessary for certain dental procedures. On the other hand, some patients have dental phobia and feel uncomfortable when seeing needles or other dreaded dental instruments.

The good news is Prevent Dental Suite in Kallangur is offering The Wand – the market leader in injection technology and the first of its kind and the finest on its class. The Wand doesn’t look like a syringe, doesn’t hurt like a syringe and works better than a syringe. These are just some of its numerous advantages.

Provides More Comfort and Less Anxiety

The Wand is significantly more comfortable than traditional injection. It can greatly reduce anxiety and eliminate collateral numbness.

The Wand Innovative Painless Injections | Prevent Dental Suite - Kallangur

More Efficient Use of Your Time

Single Tooth Anaesthesia allows bi-lateral mandibular treatment in one dental visit. Patients can go straight back to work without experiencing a numb face.

Greater Patient Satisfaction

Dental patients are more satisfied with The Wand than a syringe. They also choose the revolutionary painless injection system over traditional needles. In addition, they are more confident that their dentist has the latest technology.

The Wand – Innovative Painless Injections in Kallangur

Prevent Dental Suite is one of the few dental practices’ offering The Wand Computer-Aided Anaesthesia System. The Wand is the newest and latest state of the art technology for painless injections and anaesthesia. It is very comfortable, reduces anxiety and lets you go straight back to work without the numb feeling.

Here at Prevent Dental Suite, we make your visit a painless experience, from the minute you sit down to the moment you look at your new smile. Thanks to modern dentistry and thanks to the ground-breaking technology of the Wand, you no longer have to fear injections.

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